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Hi, My name is Mehedi Hasan Nahid, I am a web developer.

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Working together for a brighter future

Our Commitment

We commit ourselves not only to meet technological challenges but also use our abilities to support humanitarian projects to realize a sustainable society and environment.

Malala Fund

Kurita Europe donates to the Malala Fund to support Girls’ Right to Education as part of our solidarity program.

Learn more about this initiative here:

Malala Fund

Flying Haggis Racing

Kurita started a solidarity action with Flying Haggis Racing, a motorsport charity association that compete in races to help increase awareness and raise funds to support Alzheimer Scotland & Parkinson’s UK charities.

Banc dels Aliments

153 kg of food collected

Kurita support ‘Banc dels Aliments', a non-profit foundation located in Barcelona, whose main objectives are to fight against waste, recover food surpluses suitable for human consumption, and fight poverty, by sending food to people in need.

Sant Joan de Déu

Kurita is so glad to support Sant Joan de Déu Hospital of Barcelona in their project ‘Rare Commons’, focused on the biomedical study of Rare Diseases that affect children.

Rote Nasen

Rote Nasen is an organization that brings joy and laughter to people in need. Kurita is proud to support this project and help society to become healthier by believing in the power of humour.

Riding for the Disabled Association

Kurita support RDA by donating and helping to provide to people with a disability the opportunity to enjoy all the activities connected with horse riding.

Red Cross Italy

Kurita collaborated in sustaining the activities of the Red Cross in Italy (Lombardy), in a moment in which Italy was one of the European countries most affected by Covid-19.

Covid-19 France

Our French Team helps hospitals by producing hydroalcoholic solutions. Due to the shortage of this material, our team in Ambes developed an action plan to help hospitals and itinerant doctors who are making home visits.

Masks from Japan

Kurita Japan sent eight boxes of masks to Europe, to support us in such difficult times. These boxes were distributed among Kurita employees who were required to keep going to their working places, in order to assure our company operations.

Kurita Forest

As a reflection of our commitment to Energy Conservation, we have established a measurable goal in terms of CO2 savings, resulting in a calculation of individual actions that our employees are taking daily to neutralise carbon dioxide. For each contribution we will plant a tree to double the impact we make on our environment! Discover our Kurita Forest!

One Kurita, one team, one dream!

We commit ourselves not only to meet technological challenges but also use our abilities to support humanitarian projects.